Pollinator Garden and Monarch Waystation created in Downtown Kirkwood

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The Vision


Engage Kirkwood's community pride to realize an enhanced community landscape by seeking, securing and utilizing human and financial resources effectively.


Kirkwood's current state of architectural and landscape resources comfortably positions the community to achieve the next level of public landscape enhancements:

  • High impact landscape color displays (entrances to the community, outdoor public gathering areas, visitor oriented municipal properties).

  • Landscape planting replacements/enhancement program along city streets and public properties.

  • Downtwon Kirkwood Special Business District landscape enhancements for creating visual excitement via urban-scale streetscape planters, landscaped islands and hanging planters along street corridors. (Let's make the SBD "the place to be!")

  • Creation of "recipes for success" and motivational programs for enhancement of Kirkwood's privately owned commercial and residential landscapes.


Establish a review process and identify community landscape enhancement opportunities.

Establish a prioritized inventory listing of effective landscape enhancement projects.

Evaluate and prospect private/public partnership opportunities for securing the capital and management resources necessary for accomplishing priority landscape projects.

Create and manage a landscape enhancement implementation and management plan.

Enter Kirkwood in the America in Bloom national community enhancement competion (this goal was achieved with Kirkwood's 2007 America in Bloom entry and ultimate winning of the 2007 Community Involvement Criteria Award)




Kirkwood, MO is a proud America in Bloom Community, winner of the
2007 America in Bloom Community Involvement Criteria Award.

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