Pollinator Garden and Monarch Waystation created in Downtown Kirkwood

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A Monarch enjoying the nectar of the milkweed.
Pollinator Garden and Monarch Waystation created in Downtown Kirkwood

Kirkwood in BLOOM, in association with Kirkwood Living Green, Kirkwood's Historic Train Station, Downtown Kirkwood and Kirkwood Parks Assistance Corps (KPAC), has created a garden to benefit butterflies and critical pollinating insects in a landscape space near the northwest corner of Kirkwood's Historic Train Station in Downtown Kirkwood.

See attached plant list associated with The Pollinator Garden at Kirkwood's Historic Train Station. The garden was planted on April 18, 2015 as part of Kirkwood Living Green's Earth Day Celebration. Included among a diversity of perennials is a swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii) planted during the autumn of 2014 as part of Kirkwood's 50 Trees community tree planting iniative. Native oaks are important for supporting the life of caterpillars, an essential food source for a diversity of young songbird species.  To learn more about the importance of oaks and other native tree species, refer to the book Bringing Nature Home by Dr. Doug Tallamy.

Creation of The Pollinator Garden has been inspired by the Monarch Waystation initiave by Monarch Watch, City of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay's Milkweeds for Monarchs: the St. Louis Butterfly Project (see attached Milkweeds for Monarchs flyer) and TOP 10 native plant lists offered by Grow Native!, a program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.  The design style of the garden is influenced by Roy Diblik's "The Know Maintenance* Perennial Garden" (*knowing your plants means less work!).

UPDATE: As part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, the Pollinator Garden in Downtown Kirkwood is now a registered public garden via the Pollinator Partnership

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Kirkwood, MO is a proud America in Bloom Community, winner of the
2007 America in Bloom Community Involvement Criteria Award.

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